Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here are more concepts of mine that I did for this season of the Clone Wars. Lucasfilm has released these images on their website. These images are linked from Star and are property of Lucasfilm. Check out other concepts and images from the show at

Umbara: Umbara was a planet that I designed for this season. The planet is an unforgiving planet of squid like vegetation. I wanted environment to feel like the plant life could grab you at any moment.

Umbara: Start of the battle.

Umbara: The battle begins.

Umbara: Here is a overhead map I made to breakdown the progress of Krell's 501st across the fens, ridge and hills seen in Darkness on Umbara.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Clone Wars Concept Art

Hi everyone, I have been busy working on the Clone Wars these last two years and I am honored to show some concept work that Lucasfilm has released on their site. Here some designs that I did for seasons 3 and 4 of the Clone Wars. These images are linked from Star and are property of Lucasfilm. Check out other concepts and images from the show at

Naboo Lake Poanga: Ready to take a dip?

Mon Calamari Warrior: This is not a trap. It was a blast to design all the Mon Calamari characters since Ackbar was a childhood favorite of mine. The side fins and toe fins of the legs fold in so that they can wear boots and trousers.

Wasskah Jungle Road: This was a rough concept to show the atmosphere and mood of the jungle. I wanted to create setting that was dense with twisting vegetation. I broke up the dense silhouettes with a kicker color of orange.

Trandoshan Jungle Speeder: This vehicle was designed for the hunt. The Trandoshan use these to hunt for sport. I was inspired by real world elements including the roll bar and spotting lights. I decided on a simple design of an open box for the basic shape that would showcase the characters.

Momang : I was inspired by the forms of the shrew and lemur when designing this Trandoshan creature. Like many traditional species I wanted to integrate it with the environment using colors and patterns that would provide camouflage.

Lola Sayu Crater Field: I wanted to create a different color palate distinct from Mustafar, the planet featured in Revenge of The Sith. I chose desaturated purple for the rock surface and a golden sulfurous yellow for the lava elements.

Lola Sayu Citadel: This maximum security prison was designed to hold dangerous prisoners, even Jedi! The unique verticality of this shape along with its foundation rising from the lava creates a difficult challenge for any prisoner trying to escape. The massive size of this structure called for a variety of window shapes to break up the surface taking inspiration from some of the patterning seen on the Death Star.

Mortis Monastery Throne: This was one of first concepts I did for LucasFilm on the Clone Wars. It shows the delicate balance between the dark and light side of the Force. The clone trooper in this concept and many others is used only for scale, he does not appear in the scene.