Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here are more concepts of mine that I did for this season of the Clone Wars. Lucasfilm has released these images on their website. These images are linked from Star and are property of Lucasfilm. Check out other concepts and images from the show at

Umbara: Umbara was a planet that I designed for this season. The planet is an unforgiving planet of squid like vegetation. I wanted environment to feel like the plant life could grab you at any moment.

Umbara: Start of the battle.

Umbara: The battle begins.

Umbara: Here is a overhead map I made to breakdown the progress of Krell's 501st across the fens, ridge and hills seen in Darkness on Umbara.


Vinod Rams said...

I really like how the cloud shapes echo the tendrils growing out of the ground. Beautiful work!

Joshua James said...


Le Tang said...

Geez! Your stuff us amazing! Hope you're doing well.

andr-X said...

Wow!!! Amazing!

jason hazelroth said...

These are AWESOME paintings. I love the standout colors

John-Paul Balmet said...

So Cool.

Ayumi Sophia said...

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